Monday, 31 December 2012

Back from the dead - in a manner of speaking

Unknown @ Monday, December 31, 2012
I started this blog the best part of 9 years ago, in the days of the war on terror  (and other abstract nouns), Blairism (an extension of Thatcherism but with more PFI and public spending and the presidency of George W "Mission Accomplished" Bush. It was all pretty smug, shouty stuff, tinged with a naive belief that perhaps blogging could make a difference.

By 2007 I'd pretty much had it, idiots and self publicists had jumped on the bandwagon and any quality content seemed to be drowned in the noise. So the blog effectively died, apart from occasional zombie-like lurches when the odd post would sneak out.

But hey, it'll soon be 2013, we're nearly 3 years in to a coalition of incompetents and gullible sacrificial lambs. And I still have the urge to rant. So back comes The UK Today, all Lazarus-like. The old stuff is here (or will be as it gets uploaded) under the Antediluvian label. Some of it was good (imho), some not so good and some downright embarrassing. Nevertheless it's all there.

3 Response to "Back from the dead - in a manner of speaking"

  1. Aaron Murin-Heath said...

    Welcome back.

  2. Unknown said...

    Cheers Aaron, I've finally rediscovered the ranting spark that got me in to blogging all those years ago.

  3. Unknown said...

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