Thursday 26 February 2004

All change

Unknown @ Thursday, February 26, 2004
As Ann Winterton has the Conservative party whip withdrawn for making yet another racist joke - this time about the cockler deaths - in a public forum, Malcolm Rifkind looks set to return after being selected for one of the safest Conservative seats - Kensington and Chelsea.

Can't say I'll be too sad to see Winterton's departure as the woman, while not stupid, obviously lacks even a modicum of common sense. And there are already too many fools in Westminster. As for Rifkind, well he's a nice enough chap, though a bit of a lost sheep since he lost his Edinburgh seat in 1997. I do wonder if he has had his day, and would have better spent his time persuing other avenues within politics. One thing's for sure, he is unlikely to have quite the impact on the nation's psyche as his predecessors in the seat; namely messrs Portillo and Clarke.

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