Thursday 12 February 2004

Hey Stupid!

Unknown @ Thursday, February 12, 2004
Once again, in a demonstration of the DfES strategy of "when the music stops, grab a policy", A-Levels are to undergo a shake up in order to make it easier for universities to distinguish between numerous candidates with A grades. And you can see the problem; last year more than 21% of students attained A grade passes at A level.

Now I may be being a bit dense here, but how about making the exams as tough as they used to be, and maybe a little tweaking of the grade boundaries? Actually the latter is being considered, though carefully given the 2002 fiasco where a couple of thousand grades had to be adjusted upwards.

Oh, I see, that's discriminatory against weaker students. How stupid of me not to realise. Can't have poor little Tommy feeling a failure because he only got a grade B now can we. Poor little chap might have to sue the exam board for emotional trauma of not getting straight A's.

Anyway, once again the whole system is being reviewed and while we may hope for some clarity, the most likely result is yet another set of standards and targets, leading to confusion. Then just as everyone begins to get used the new system, off goes the music at the DfES again.

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