Wednesday 11 February 2004

Haven't they anything better to do?

Unknown @ Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Let's spare a thought for poor (though maybe not for much longer) Rosie Reid. When presented with the financial nightmare of being a student, rather than rush home cap in hand to mummy and daddy or even the bank to increase her debts, she showed true entrepreneurial spirit. Successful businesses are based on finding a product in demand, and then getting the best price for it. Unfortunately the only in-demand product she could find to sell was her virginity. But hey, let's not knock her; she identified a demand, found a product to satisfy (ooer) the demand; marketed the product and is hoping to complete the transaction shortly. Exactly the sort of spirit that once made this country great, and just what Gordon Brown keeps banging (sorry about the puns) on about.

Only now the police are involved. Trying to decide whether or not she is guilty of soliciting.

Well let me save the CPS some time and money.

She is not selling her body. She is not selling sex. She is selling some of her intellectual property because - let's face it - for the majority of women post menarche that's all it really is. It's no different to you or I selling our knowledge to clients.

So to Avon and Somerset Police I have only this to say - Leave the girl alone and do something more constructive like addressing the reasons why you missed 6 out of 8 targets for tackling volume crime last year.

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