Thursday 19 February 2004

There's no pleasing some people

Unknown @ Thursday, February 19, 2004
Now Michael Howard isn't necessarily my favourite person in Parliament, but he at least appears to be an improvement on his predecessor. Anyway, the Conservative Party has announced that he is off to Burnley, and while he is there he intends to confront the BNP regarding their extremist policies. He also concedes that his party has been weak in opposing the BNP in Burnley, and that they intended to try harder.

Now I was brought up to believe that it was a good thing to admit your mistakes and to learn from them. Obviously not the sort of upbringing experienced by either the local Labour Party spokesman or the LibDem peer Lord Greaves.

And in the next breath everyone is criticising Howard for arguing that the UK should at least implement transitional measures to address immigration from the 10 countries acceding to the EU in May. People even argue that the mere act of suggesting such measures is racist.

So firstly he is condemned for not having attacked the bigoted and racist BNP earlier, then he is criticised for opposing them now, and in almost the same breath he is being accused of racist policies. Poor sod.

I'll close with a brief and hopefully unnecessary reminder: A willingness to discuss immigration issues and alternatives to a complete open-door policy does NOT equate to being racist.

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