Friday 27 February 2004

Your taxes at work - Public Sector Job for the week #1

Unknown @ Friday, February 27, 2004
Each week I will try and find the most pointless, ill-defined or biggest waste of money public sector job. Because although there are many necessary roles in the public sector, there are also those which are in many ways unnecessary. Feel free to add your own suggestions for "tax wasting job of the week". 

Employer: Haringey Council
Title: Deputy Democratic Services Manager
Salary: £31,347 - £35,928
Description: As well as being second in command (of what - ed) , this key position will be responsible for supporting several high level bodies, assisting with full Council meetings and supervising a number of support staff.

Nice salary, but just what are the duties and responsibilities? What skill set is required? Totally vague and ill defined job posting.

But then this job caught my eye. A Benefit Realisation Consultant for the NHS earning between £35,000 and £60,000 + extensive benefits.

Try reading the job description and work out just what - if any - added value that role brings to the NHS. If you plough through the b*llsh*t and doublespeak in the description, it seems to be a high level bean counting job. Nice work if you've the stomach for it, but will it really improve the standards of health care in this country? Especially when compared to a 'G' Grade Mental Health nurse with 2 years experience who's upper salary level doesn't even reach the lower level of our Benefit Realisation Consultant.

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