Tuesday 10 February 2004

Who to blame?

Unknown @ Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Last year the town of Bury St. Edmunds was the winner of best large town in the "Anglia in Bloom" competition. This year the council have banned the hanging baskets that are a popular and prominent feature of the display. And the reason for the ban is quite simple, in that the council is worried that the heavy baskets could fall and injure the public.

At first glance it might be tempting to slag off the council for being pathetic. Indeed the chairman of the Bury in Bloom committee stated:

They are guarding their own backs over health and safety, but no-one has been hurt - certainly not in Bury St Edmunds, certainly not in Suffolk.

Unfortunately he's missed the point and the council aren't the ones to blame in this case. Instead the finger of responsibility should point firmly at the blood sucking legions of ambulance chasing lawyers. Not to mention the ignorant jerks who would rather fleece a couple of grand out of the council than take responsibility for their own lives for once. Net effect is that if the council puts up hanging baskets, the insurance company will put up the premiums. And the council will pass on the cost to the local council tax payers.

So we all end up paying for the selfish bastards who are unable to accept that sometimes accidents just happen. That sometimes it isn't anyone's fault in particular. Sh*t happens and you should learn to get on with life.

The world is an unjust place and there are far more important issues to address than ensuring that Joe Bloggs gets his two grand from the council for tripping over a crack in the pavement simply because he couldn't be bothered to look where he's going.

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