Wednesday 25 February 2004

Like bullies in the playground

Unknown @ Wednesday, February 25, 2004
One day, just possibly, we may see a slightly more mature approach to politics in Northern Ireland. But not, I fear, just yet. Why is it that leading figures from all sides threaten to take their bat and ball home at the slightest issue. Now I'm not belittling the incident in question, but I have to question David Trimble's attitude. The alleged false imprisonment involving Bobby Tohill happened less than a week ago, and the Independant Monitoring Commission as only just been asked to investigate, yet David Trimble wants Sinn Fein out now. Even that old firebrand Ian Paisley is being a tad more circumspect. Certainly if the IRA is proved to have been directly involved then Sinn Fein should face the consequences, but to prejudge the matter and threaten to walk out shows a level of maturity more suited to the school playground than the political playing fields of Ulster.

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